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How To Take Down An Old Fence In East Orange, New Jersey

Before you add a brand-new fence to your East Orange area residential or commercial property, you need to get rid of the existing fencing. Even the most dilapidated fence takes some effort to get rid of, so you must put time aside to do this and have whatever you require to do the job correctly.



Who Owns The Fence?


Make sure you have the authorization to get rid of the fence around your East Orange area home or business. Border concerns are common among neighbors, so you must first determine who owns the fence and is responsible for preserving any fencing before you remove it. 

In many instances, getting your neighbors on board can be done with a friendly chat and explaining that you will replace the fence with a newer, safer, and more secure version. Suppose you are also planning to dig up fence posts. In that case, you might want to contact your East Orange or Essex County energy service providers, too– digging up the posts could trigger problems if you don’t understand what else is running underneath.


Getting Rid Of The Fencing Panels In East Orange, NJ


Many old fences require panels to be changed– the posts are often still safe and can be used to hang your brand-new panels. Regardless, you will need to start by removing the panels from your East Orange area fence. It is worth examining the wood as you remove it as you may be able to repurpose it.

There are a couple of ways you can take your Essex County fence down; you can use an electrical saw to cut the material down and remove it, or you can use a hammer to bang out the boards, remove the nails, and salvage the fencing materials. Be cautious when removing each fence board, and use gloves to avoid splinters.

If the fencing posts are rotten or leaning, you need to remove them.

Many fence posts have concrete footings, so eliminating them can be challenging, and you might need a little help. The two post removal options are digging the fence post out and levering it out. Digging the fence post out will displace a lot of soil, but you will have holes ready to re-pour concrete and change your posts quickly. Levering the post out can take longer and poses a greater risk of injury.

Posts that go straight into the ground are easily eliminated and can simply be rocked loose.

If you have never eliminated a fence yourself, having a professional fencing removal company near you take care of it is best. The whole process can take several days if you do it yourself.

In contrast, our professional junk removal team can deconstruct your East Orange, NJ, fencing in a matter of hours and haul the fencing materials away for recycling and disposal without you having to lift a finger.


East Orange Fence Removal Average Cost


The national average cost to remove a fence ranges between $200 - $500, including debris disposal. Depending on the size of your fence and the materials used, fencing removal can cost as little as a couple of hundred bucks or as much as a couple thousand.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay $4- $18 per square foot to eliminate your fence in East Orange, New Jersey.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes. Call Ideal Junk New Jersey today to find out how much your Essex County fencing removal will cost.

Factors That Affect Fence Removal Pricing In East Orange, NJ


The cost to eliminate your old fence in East Orange and Essex County will depend upon:


  • The length and height of the fence.


  • The place and availability of the fence.


  • The fence materials.


  • Whether the fence has cement footings.


  • Whether you do it yourself and rent a dumpster, have your contractor handle it, or hire a professional junk removal service like us. 


Ripping out your fence yourself might be tempting, but we recommend working with a professional to handle your fence removal. Hiring professional junk removal services is the safest, fastest, and most hassle-free choice.

A fencing removal company can have your fence eliminated in a matter of hours, haul away the particles when they’re done, leaving you with a clean space for whatever comes next.

Make sure you have permission to get rid of the fence; border concerns are common among neighbors, so you must see who owns and is responsible for the fence around your East Orange property before eliminating it.

Suppose you are also preparing to dig up fence posts. In that case, get in touch with your regional utilities. If the fence was installed a long time ago, digging up the posts could trigger issues if you don’t understand what else is under your fence.

Once you are ready to remove your fencing, the first step is to get rid of the fencing panels. If the fence posts are rotten or leaning, they also need to be removed. The majority of fence posts will have concrete footings, so removing them is an obstacle, and you may require a little aid.

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