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Do you need a storage cleanout in East Orange or Essex County? We've got you!

Storage units are expected to act as temporary storage solutions for items you do not need to access regularly. But quite often, you can end up with a storage unit full of things you’ll never ever use again. Our expert junk haulers at Ideal Junk New Jersey can handle any storage unit cleanout and junk removal job, no matter the size.

We Make Storage Clean Out And Junk Removal Hands-Off And Hassle-Free In East Orange, NJ.


Cleaning out a storage unit by yourself can be quite challenging. If you need a hand with storage unit junk removal in the East Orange area, we’re pleased to assist! There’s no need to move items out prior to our arrival – we’ll remove everything from the storage unit and haul it away for donation and recycling for a fantastic price.


How To Get Rid Of Storage System Things In East Orange, NJ


Do you need to clean out your Essex County storage unit but don’t know where to start? Storage clean outs can be straight forward if you plan ahead and stay organized. 


Follow the 5 steps listed below to make your storage unit cleanout go smoothly.


  1. Get in the right cleansing mood: If you have not cleaned out your storage system in a while, then there’s a high possibility that you’ve forgotten what products are saved inside.
  2. Set time aside to get the job done and acknowledge that some items might generate some emotion. If there is a lot of clutter to go through, it’s nice to have a helper or two.
  3. Take inventory of the items inside your storage unit. As soon as you open the storage system, make a list of what kind of things are inside and where they need to go - donation centers, recycling, or landfill.
  4. Sort everything into piles - keep, donate, recycle, throw away. To help you stay organized, it is valuable to separate products by category into piles. 3 key stacks you need to make are keep, contribute, and throw away. Storage areas must be clear of clutter at the end of this step. If there is an overwhelming amount of mess to sort through or large items that require to be picked up, it is best to call a junk removal company near you to take care of them.
  5. Reach out to East Orange area donation centers before your Storage Clean Out. If there are items that are still in good condition, consider donating them to the closest thrift shop or local charity for rehoming near you. This aids with garbage dump diversion and ensures your help your neighbour's in need.
  6. Clean out your storage unit regularly. In order to keep your storage system clutter free and make future cleaning easier, make certain to arrange your items so things can quickly be removed.


Storage Unit Clean Outs Courtesy Of Ideal Junk New Jersey


How To Eliminate Unwanted Storage Unit Things In East Orange, NJ


If you’re wondering where to start when it pertains to storage unit cleanout, check out our useful list below for some pointers!

  • Assess your storage unit and make a list of the kinds of items to be sorted into stacks according to your needs. Some typical sorting techniques people utilize when clearing out storage systems consist of making a donation, junk, and “keep” pile.
  • For items you want to keep in storage, stack them neatly, and categorize them to help you find the items much easier in the future.
  • For items you want to get rid of, you can load them into your vehicle and drive to the local recycling center, or phone a reliable junk removal business in Essex County such as Ideal Junk New Jersey to do the heavy lifting for you.
  • For items you want to donate, you can bag smaller items and move bigger items to your car to give to your nearby donations center. Be sure to phone ahead and double-check if the donation center will take your stuff before you go.
  • Sweep up the storage unit so it’s sparkly clean!

Once your storage unit is free from clutter, you can relax knowing that the cleanout is done and your area is arranged once again!


Storage units are supposed to act as a temporary storage service for products you do not need to gain access to frequently. Before you know it, you can end up with a storage unit full of items you’ll never ever utilize once again. The professional junk removal teams at Ideal Junk New Jersey can manage any storage system junk removal task in East Orange and Essex County, NJ, no matter the size.


There’s no need to move products out prior to us showing up– we’ll eliminate items right from the storage unit and load it into our truck. Get in a cleansing state of mind.  If you have not cleared out your storage system in a while, then there’s a good chance that you’ve forgotten what items are and no longer need to pay to keep them around.

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